Air Drills

Air drills, also known as pneumatic drills, run using compressed air. They are typically utilised to drill holes that are small in diameter. Construction workers, as well as miners, can benefit from these air drills. Of course, even homeowners who love to DIY can use these drills, especially the ones that you can find on our website.

This tool is an underbalanced drilling technique where nitrogen or another variation of compressed is used. The air is the circulating medium instead of conventional liquids, which are found in standard drilling tools. Air is beneficial for the device because it cools the bits while also having the ability to remove cuttings from the wellbore.

In any drilling operation, a fluid for drilling or sometimes mud is a prerequisite to lifting the cuttings. Mud often acts as a barrier as well for tasks. However, this method does not apply to air drilling because the tool uses air or nitrogen and not mud. In this case, there is a lower density, which eliminates the possibility of lost circulation. The penetration rate is also higher, which makes drilling more straightforward and faster.

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