Air Grinders

Electric-powered grinders may be popular, but air grinders offer many benefits for its users. For instance, they are great options for those who are scared of getting electric shocks. Let’s face it: who wants to get electrocuted anyway?

With an air grinder, there is absolutely no risk of electric shock, unlike conventional grinders. When the latter’s wires get damaged, they can cause such a problem. Furthermore, if you will work on metal fabricators, you know that they will mostly rely on acetone and other flammable chemicals for cleaning and prepping. Before welding, you should first check the cords to make sure there is no damage. In contrast, an air grinder does not require electric power. Their rotary vanes also do not generate sparks.

Another reason to love these air tools is that they are ergonomically superior. The ratio between power and weight is often excellent, making them unbelievably easy to carry and use. They are powerful even when they are lightweight, unlike electric tools that are often heavy and cause wrist pain with prolonged use.

The Grit carries brands from AOK to KC Tools and other reputable names. Check out our list of air grinders and cut off tools below.