Bandages & Scissors

When an animal is injured, you should use the appropriate bandages as part of the treatment. It is not advised to use any pair of scissors you have at home. Instead, it would be best if you had bandage scissors that are appropriate for the job.

Here at The Grit, we understand that the scissors you use should be designed to cut circumferential bandages and sizing dressings. We have the right product that meets veterinary standards for cutting and dissecting tasks. Our bandage scissors are scientifically crafted to help avoid any iatrogenic injuries.

Apart from scissors or shears, we also have bandage wraps for veterinary use. These cohesive bandage wraps are available in bulk so that you do not quickly run out of secure wraps. These wraps are the choice of many Australian vets because they are affordable and do the job well, particularly in helping relieve swelling. When used correctly, these bandage wraps are used to promote healing for animals with ankle sprains or strains. Versatile and self-adhesive, you also get a free pair of scissors when you purchase the 12-pack bandage wraps only here on The Grit.