Air Riveters

An air riveter is also known as an air rivet gun. Others call it a pneumatic rivet gun or a pneumatic hammer. Whichever name you choose, this tool is essential for those who often work with a large number of rivets. While other types of rivet guns may have more power, an air riveter is the best option for you if you need to install several rivets at a time. This tool is the only one that can help you speedily accomplish your task.

Because this pneumatic air rivet gun is air-powered, it means that you can expect it to provide outstanding performance and incredible swiftness. Even large and powerful riveters cannot compare to an air rivet gun. Imagine a modern Boeing 747, which has around one million rivets. If you work on each rivet, it can take about five seconds to place them one by one, which will roughly take about 57 days to complete. Of course, that is if you work round the clock.

Meanwhile, each rivet would take more than five seconds with a manual tool, meaning you will need more time to handle the job. Also, no one would trust an aircraft riveted by hand. Pneumatic or air riveters have definitely changed construction. Now, you can purchase them directly here on The Grit.

KC Tools 1/4" Air Capacity Riveter

KC Tools

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KC Tools 3/16" Air Capacity Riveter

KC Tools

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