It is common for homeowners to take heating and cooling for granted. Many of us have appliances daily that we barely notice – until they stop working. That is usually when we realise their importance, especially in achieving comfort.

When it is time to replace your heaters or fans, we have some of the best options worth your consideration. We carry Australia's trusted brands, such as Heller and Sunair, if you're looking for small appliances for heating or cooling your space. Please choose from our options of mini desk fans and wall mounted electric strip heaters.

Aside from the choices above, we also have other small appliances that you can install in your kitchen. These appliances are convenient, easy to use, portable, and will surely conserve space. We have grinding machines that you can use to grind your coffee and spices. We also offer mini toaster ovens and portable cooktops. Our cordless kettles and sandwich makers are sure to make your life easier, especially when preparing meals and drinks.

Plus, we have included vacuum cleaners in our "small appliances" category. That way, you can easily access these pieces of equipment when it is time to switch to a more portable cleaning machine.