Batteries & Chargers

Power tools contain high-performance batteries. When you need a starter kit for your garden equipment, you should look for a product, which can provide the power that the tool needs. Here at The Grit, we have the Power Start Cordless Battery Starter from Rover, which you can install on many handheld products from the same company.

Aside from starter packs, you may also require batteries and chargers for the equipment. Over the years, battery technology has evolved significantly. Many tools now come with batteries that last for a long time. This way, you can finish your task in your garden without pausing just to recharge. Modern-day batteries also charge quickly. With such features, you know that you are spending your money on a worthwhile investment.

When buying a battery or charger for your equipment, such as a cordless tool, you need to know the specifications of the unit first. Some of the terms that you should familiarise yourself with are voltage, amp-hours (Ah), and the type of battery to utilise. The most common types of cells that you may come across with are Li-ion, NiMH, and NiCad.

Take a look at our collection of batteries and chargers here at The Grit below.