Cable Ties

A cable tie is a fastener whose job is to hold things together. Typically, cable ties are used to tie electrical cables and wires together. That way, they do not cause accidents where people can trip or stumble because of the wires. A standard cable tie can be made from a variety of materials, including nylon grade 6.6, which is actually the most common type used.

Cable ties work like straps so that all your wires and cables are kept tidy and arranged neatly. They are recommended for use in offices where electric cables can be all over the place. These items are also valuable for homes, especially now that many residential properties use electric devices and appliances. With these products, you will typically find wires scattered on the floor. A cable tie can easily keep all the cables together.

Cable ties come in different sizes, from small to large, ranging from 3.6mm to 8mm. A cable tie is also known as a zip tie, wire tie, rat or mouse belt, wire wrap, and zap strap. Get your cable ties here on The Grit.