Syringes & Needles

Picking the right syringe and needles is necessary for farmers. Syringes are often easier to choose than needles. As long as it meets the volume you need, it will be suitable for your requirements. Bigger animals need larger syringes, but you can also use them with small and medium livestock if handling is tolerable for you.

On the other hand, needles can be quite tricky to purchase. You should make sure they are designed for the job you wish to accomplish. The differences lie in specific animals. For instance, 21g 3/8"" is perfect for poultry. When debudding calves, you may need 21g 5/8 needles, which are also suitable for bigger chickens.

Piglets and lambs will require 20g 5/8 needle size for their vaccines. Their antibiotics, however, will require a much bigger needle up to an inch in length. Vaccines for sheep should be administered using a half an inch needle with a 19-gram gauge.

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