Chargers & Jump Starters

When buying a charger and jump starter, portability should be one of your main concerns. It should be easy for you to bring the charger and jump starter so you can use them whenever you require. We recommend a jump starter with certain features, such as an LED flashlight with strobe and flash patterns, so that you can seek help with ease. It should also use a Lithium-ion battery, which means that it holds the charge for a more extended period.

The charger that you pick should have LED charge status indicators and quick charging capabilities. Selecting these products should be easy when you have the manual of your car. However, if you don't have it, you can either look it up online or check the battery of the vehicle. From there, you should be able to identify the type of the battery, whether it is lead-acid calcium or lead acid. You should also know the size of the battery that requires charging.

Batteries in Australia are CCA and RC rated. If you cannot find it in the label of the battery, you can manually look for the amp hour rating of the vehicle using the Reserve Capacity (RC) multiplied by 0.6.