Collars, Leads & Chains

When it comes to behaviour training, chains, leads, and collars are some of the items you cannot live without as a pet owner. They are all effective in restraining your pet, so you can control them if ever they misbehave.

Before you purchase the item for your dog, you should know the differences between a collar, lead, and chains. Dog collars are easily identified because they are placed around the neck of the animal. They are often used along with a lead or leash. However, they can also be worn without the other item.

As the name suggests, leads are the top option when walking your dog, so they lead the way. At the same time, you still get to regulate their behaviour by stopping them from pulling or running away.

Chains, on the other hand, are for correcting lousy conduct. Dogs do not like them, but they are necessary if you need to discipline your pet.

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