When you're looking for a hardworking fastener, choose an anchor bolt. This type of fastener is one of the most reliable out there. It is designed to connect objects, typically to a concrete surface. Although concrete is a sturdy material, it is viewed as brittle. Therefore, it is not advisable for you to use heavy bolts to work on that particular surface. Instead, an anchor fastener is the best option to keep an object or objects securely in place.

This fastener is commonly used with certain materials, such as steel poles, usually mounted on brittle surfaces, such as concrete. You can use an anchor fastener to keep those poles from moving. These bolts are often driven through the end of the rod. They reach the concrete or the surface where the poles are installed.

We have heavy-duty fasteners to keep your items from rolling over. Our bolt-on D ring anchors are designed to secure cargo, so they stay put while you haul them in trucks or vans. We also have anchor screws made of plastic and metal that allow you to attach screws to drywall, masonry, and other brittle materials.