Most of the time, verniers and callipers are used to measure the diameter and thickness of pipes and other similar objects. Unlike rulers, they are much more precise.

Callipers and verniers are easily recognisable because they have a jaw and an arm. They are quite versatile since you can use them for measuring length as well. Just make sure that the object that you are trying to measure is snug between the calliper’s jaws. Take the numbers from the small line, the alignment between the two scales, and then add the values.

In reality though, vernier callipers or simply callipers, are used to measure the distance from one edge of the object to the other end. The tool is also for knowing the diameter of round objects. It is quite easy to use even with cylinders because the jaws can be secured on both sides.

Verniers and callipers should be in your toolbox. This way, you can immediately determine the length, size, or distance of different objects that you may be working on.

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