Spirit Levels

Also known as a bubble level or simply a level, a spirit level is an essential measuring tool that tells you whether the surface is vertical or horizontal. Carpenters, bricklayers, and stonemasons are just among those who use a spirit level for work.

Today, even in videography and photography, this tool has become useful. With this instrument, you can determine how perpendicular or parallel the surface is in relation to the ground.

If you are wondering why this tool has a somewhat puzzling name, it is because of the mineral spirit solution within it. The vials come with a yellowish-green colour that also comes with specific additives to ensure ultraviolet protection for the instrument. Therefore, you can use the tool anywhere, including under the sun, and it will not suffer from any damages.

The best spirit levels are those that can provide you with accurate measurements. After all, you want to make sure that you have the right sizes and distances in all projects.

The Grit has the Lufkin LBBL120 Spirit Level with high accuracy. It can measure up to 1200mm and is suitable for measuring runoffs.

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