If you are building a fence for your farm, you must have all the tools you need. The Grit offers a vast collection of fencing supplies that you can use from the start of installation to maintenance.

The type of fence you have dictates the tools that you need. If you have an electric fence, you need testers. There are different options here, but digital ones, such as the Digital Fence Tester Voltmeter from Thunderbird, are among the best.

Tensioners or strainers are a must for a tight fence. Multipurpose pliers should also be present in your toolbox. You do not have to pick the most expensive pair around. A reliable set will serve you well as you build the fence. You can also rely on the pliers when repairing problematic wires. Choose the one that best suits your application, although most variations can deliver a farmer's most basic requirements.

Energisers, poultry netting, and poly wires are all essentials, particularly for people building an electric fence.

Whites Rural Contractor Wire Chain Strainers

Whites Rural

$132.00 SAVE$0.00
STOCKade Jambro Standard Rings 1000 Pack


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Thunderbird Fault Locator Fence Tester EF-5A


$194.95 SAVE$45.05
AgBoss Fence Repair Wire Twisting Tool


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STOCKade JAMBRO Ring Fastener Tool


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Thunderbird 2.5mm 13V AC Power Adaptor


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Thunderbird 50m x 2.5mm Underground Cable


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