Thunderbird 2km Mains Electric Fence Energiser | M-30

Australian Made


Thunderbird 2km Mains Electric Fence Energiser | M-30

Australian Made

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The Thunderbird M30 is an electric fence energiser that can provide power to a 2km fence. It uses a 240v mains power but can lower it down. This way, the electric fence can have a safe shock that will not harm the animals. However, it is enough to control them and ensure they stay where they should. This energiser also keeps vermin out of the fence and away from the animals.

M30 meets all relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards. It also comes with an easy-to-read digital display that provides information about the output voltage. The item weighs 998 grams with its own pulse light that flashes with every pulse of the fence. Thunderbird M30 is a proudly made Australian product with a two-year warranty.

This product suits any electric fence where you keep your cattle, chickens, or even horses. It is sturdy and can withstand severe outdoor conditions with up to six months for lightning strike warranty.

Note that the given energiser distances are meant to be used as a guide only. You should still factor in various aspects of the installation to ensure safety. These factors include the gap between the earth and live wires and other parts of the fence. The thickness of the wire and the condition of the ground will also affect the safety and effectiveness of the energiser.


  • Safety certified and approved to Australian and New Zealand Standards
  • OK operation pulse light flashes with each fence pulse
  • Tough, weatherproof O-ring sealed enclosure.
  • Surface mount electronics - for ultimate reliability
  • Vacuumed sealed transformer - provides longer life
  • Large terminal knobs and modular design for fast service


2 Year Warranty

Model # M-30
UPC 9323833005273
Brand Thunderbird
Shipping Weight 0.9400kg
Made in Australia
Stored Joules 1.4
Energiser Range 2km
Power Supply 240v Mains Only
Protection IPX4
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Year Manufacturers and 6 Month Lightning Strike Warranty
Power Consumption 4 Watts
Voltage At 1000 ohms 3.4Kv,No Load 8.1Kv

REVIEWS 55 Stars out of 1 Reviews.

Thunderbird mains electric fence

Fantastic solution to keep my dogs from digging out and escaping. Simple installation fantastic quality product. Great online service.
Teresa on June 20, 2022