Shearing & Grooming

When it comes to buying shears, you want perfection. The best set of shears that you will use for your sheep is important. Any sheep owner will find this tool worth the investment when chosen wisely.

Shears are a part of grooming and it makes sense that you select the tool correctly. This way, you do not have to purchase again after learning a hard and expensive lesson.

When picking the tool, know what you will use them for. Of course, it is a no-brainer since you will use it for your sheep. However, you should choose sheep shears based on your case. The shears you will use will vary depending on the breed you have. You will use a different set from those who have Hampshire and Suffolk breeds if you have lambs for the show ring.

Consider how often you will use the shears as well. For those who simply want to use it for the sheep at the farm, there is no need to purchase an expensive option. The Grit has hand and rechargeable shears for you, along with replacement comb for your sheep shears.