Body Repair Tools

If you plan to get your car repaired or just for maintenance, you need to have the right auto parts. It always pays to understand what your vehicle needs, even if you intend to take it to a technician. This way, you know exactly what the technician will use and install.

For instance, you have a problem with the car door. If it does not close properly, it may no longer be aligned to the catch or its hinges. Many hinges are welded to the car’s bodywork and can be a challenge to adjust them. However, if you have some worn hinge pins, you can replace them with new ones. As for bolted hinges, they are often easily adjustable with the right tool.

Meanwhile, you may also need a heel dolly for certain repairs. Whatever it is you need for your car’s panel, trim, or body, you can locate it here at The Grit.