Car Care & Cleaning

To keep your car looking brand new all the time, you need to wash it properly on a regular basis. You need a degreaser and a wash solution that will ensure your vehicle is sparkling clean. You have a few options when it comes to cleaning and caring for your car. One of them is to go to your local car wash station and have your car cleaned. You can also run the vehicle through the local gas station, where the process is automated. With a few bucks, you will emerge with a clean car.

Another way is to go to an expensive detailer that will service your car, giving it an incredible shine. But part of the excitement of being a car owner is that you can do the cleaning and maintenance tasks yourself. The joy of seeing your car from dirty to clean is incomparable, especially if you did it on your own.

While it does take some elbow grease and perhaps even a couple of hours or more, depending on the state and size of your car, you will surely save a lot of money. Plus, you will get that sense of pride that you will not experience if you have someone else do the upkeep for you.

Here on The Grit, we sell degreasers, which are pretty self-explanatory. They are essential for washing your car, just like you are removing grease from your dishes. But they are gentle enough so that they do not harm your car's surface, particularly the paint finishes and coats.