You do not have to be a professional veterinarian to start caring for the animals on your farm. It always pays to be extra careful, especially when you have an emergency. The Grit provides a comprehensive selection of veterinary supplies, from shears and scissors to cohesive wraps to castration tools.

You may already have the essential tools, such as thermometers for checking the body temperature of the animals. Aside from these fundamentals, you should also have supplies appropriate for the animals you care for.

If you have horses, cows, or other animals with hooves, you should have tools for them. Polished steel blades from Vet-Tec will take care of their feet for you. Choose from double-sided, left, or right varieties, which usually depend on what you prefer. Hoof care is essential to ensure the animals walk comfortably.

Castration rings are also necessary for farmers. They are usually suitable for sheep and goats, although you can also use them for newborn calves. No matter what tool you need, you will surely find it here on the website.