Gold Pans

If you are on a quest to find gold, you need a pan for this precious metal. A gold pan is considered the start and end of the prospecting process. You need this dish for sampling, which occurs right before setting up a dredge or sluice. At the end of your task, it is used to clean up the gold concentrates that you have collected with your mining equipment.

Out of all the pieces of equipment you use for finding gold, these pans are the most basic. They are also the cheapest, which is why you should always have a pan ready. You may have found several choices on the market today. However, the best option depends on YOU.

Most of the time, pros go for a pan that has the right size for them. You know it is a good choice when you hold it, and it does not feel heavy or too big for your hand. After all, you will be handling heavy stuff with it, such as gravel and water. You do not want to end up with sore shoulders, arm muscles, and back.

The Grit gives you Estwing gold pans. It is the choice of many professional miners because it is made of plastic. Therefore, it is less cumbersome and can resist most chemicals.