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Whether you have a new home or you care about being prepared for anything at all times, you need the best tools and supplies. The Grit is your one-stop online shop for home essentials, such as cleaning and chemical products, shovels and other garden tools, and knives.

Being a homeowner means you have to be a bit handy sometimes. Problems can arise, and you can easily fix them with your knowledge and tools. For instance, you need to buy a sharp knife to create precise cuts. A reliable utility knife is much safer than using a dull one or even a pair of scissors. We have all sorts of utility knives, including folding and standard choices.

Living in Australia means that you deal with mosquitos. Protect yourself and your whole family with repellents. The Grit has a number of choices from Bushman, one of the most trusted brands in the country.

For the outdoor area, we also have rakes and axes. Keep these tools in your shed, so you can use them when needed.

Wet & Forget 2L Moss and Mould Remover

Wet & Forget

$49.00 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss Live Multi Catch Rat Trap Large


$25.75 SAVE$0.00
Kilsoot Chimney Cleaner 50g


$4.99 SAVE$0.00
Kilsoot Chimney Cleaner 275g


$15.99 SAVE$0.00
Talon 2.4kg Wax Blocks Rat & Mouse Bait


$113.00 SAVE$0.00
Cyclone 1.8kg Torpedo Wedge


$22.50 SAVE$0.00
Fallkniven C10 Ceramic Sharpening Steel


$51.95 SAVE$0.00
Talon 1kg Wax Blocks Rat & Mouse Bait


$54.50 SAVE$0.00
Elwell Chipping Hoe Head - 180mm / 7"


$38.00 SAVE$0.00
RainMaxx 280mm Rain Gauge


$36.50 SAVE$0.00
Talon 150g Pellets Mouse & Rat Bait


$8.50 SAVE$0.00