Tape Measures

Also known as metric tape, a tape measure is a device used to measure the size of an object from one to another. It is often utilised to get the distance between two points.

Tape measures are easy to recognise because they are a staple in any toolbox. This portable tool has marks, which provide you with the inches and fractional inches as its gauge. Some, however, give the millimetre measurement, as well as the metres and centimetres. You can also find tape measures that provide both metric and imperial sizes, just like the Crescent Hi-Viz Tape Measure, which you can find here on The Grit.

Before buying, you should first know what you often work with. If most of your projects require measuring long objects, you should pick the option that is suitable for your job. Many homeowners, however, can benefit from the standard length.

Whether you are looking for a tape measure for a home improvement or professional project, The Grit gives you the best choices from the best brands. You can find them on this page.

Crescent 8m/26′ x 25mm Hi Viz Tape Measure


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KC Tools 8m Metric Tape Measure

KC Tools

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