Abrasives & Finishing

Nothing else will give you a better result than when you have the right tools and hardware for smoothing out surfaces. Here at The Grit, we offer our customers cost-effective products that can be used to make projects look more appealing.

The growing popularity of metal finishes, particularly those without paint or colour, calls for the use of the right abrasives and finishing tools. We have just the right items for you. We know how important it is to achieve an attractive design, especially in metalworking and other related applications. The options you will find here on our website are innovative and efficient in striking the balance of finesse and robustness.

Select from our collection of tools and hardware to help you work on surface finishes that you can repeatedly work on, specifically in blending and graining. Our abrasive solutions will allow you to cut better and ensure the wearing of the surface as evenly as possible. Find different types of wire brushes, from coarse to fine, as well as steel and brass wire hand brushes and more.