As someone who owns a car, you want to buy quality auto parts and accessories. And this is what The Grit is for. Please browse our list of tools that you can use for your four-wheel drive. We have tyre deflators that can give your vehicle more traction as your vehicle moves past soft surfaces like mud. You can also shop for snatch blocks that come with their own storage. These snatch blocks are designed for vehicles with an electric winch, allowing you to extract your rig with so much ease.

When embarking on an off-road trip, the last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Worse, you do not have the tools that you can use to get you out of the sticky situation. Having suitable recovery gear will allow you to fix an issue you may have encountered as you venture from the pavement.

The Grit makes your quest easier for reliable 4WD recovery tools to take with you on your next off-road driving adventure.