Garage & Workshop

Here at The Grit, we recognise the importance of quality in garage and workshop tools. Usability, safety, and efficiency are other things to look at when shopping for new equipment. Whether you are simply a vehicle enthusiast or you work as a mechanic for a living, automotive tools are a must.

Different pieces of equipment are available for your garage and workshop that would suit your requirements. You can find work lights, torchers, cleaners, degreasers, jacks or stands, and power boards. Some other essentials include storage and toolboxes, creepers and seats, along with vacuums and blowers. All these items are suitable if you need to work on your car at home.

No matter what project or task you are trying to accomplish, you can find the tools you require here at The Grit. Start building an effective garage and workshop arsenal that fits your budget. Whether you have plenty of space or you only want to buy the tools you need at the moment, we have an assortment of equipment for you to choose from.

AgBoss 5 Litre Mint Grit Hand Cleaner


$69.00 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 500ml Mint Grit Hand Cleaner


$15.30 SAVE$0.00
Gravity Feed Detailing Spray Gun


$23.50 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 240 x 140mm Magnetic Parts Dish

KC Tools

$33.40 SAVE$6.55
KC Tools 330 x 250mm Magnetic Parts Dish

KC Tools

$49.00 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 6 Wheel Workshop Creeper

KC Tools

$119.00 SAVE$0.00
Kilsoot 500ml Hand Cleaner with Grit


$19.95 SAVE$0.00