Tool Bags

Not everyone is a fan of tool boxes. They are bulky, heavy, and sometimes inconvenient. You cannot easily take them with you if you have to work on a project away from home. Instead of carrying a hefty tool box, you may be more interested in owning a tool bag or pouch. We have just the right selections for you.

The Grit carefully chooses the products that we sell. Our tool bags and pouches are a great alternative to cumbersome tool boxes or chests to store your tools. You can transport them whenever and wherever you need, without worrying about security and safety.

When looking for a tool bag, make sure it is durable with large-capacity pockets. This way, it can hold the tools you have, including those that are bigger.

Technicians, DIYers, homeowners, and professionals need a tool bag or pouch. The Grit is the best place to look for convenient tool storage options. We have the most trusted Electrician’s 11-Pocket Tool Bag from Crescent. It has a total of 11 pockets, which are enough for most handymen. It also comes with a tape chain, holder, and belt.