Air Sanders & Polishers

Air sanders and polishers offer a distinct set of benefits for its users. If you want high-speed and high-efficiency, you should choose these pneumatic tools.

One of the best advantages that you can get out of using an air sander is that they can reach small and tight spaces. They are ideal for sanding, especially light tasks. They can also remove rust without causing operator fatigue. Often, your hands can go numb when you use a corded electrical sander. If it is the case, you need a lighter air sander that operates in high-speed.

Just like pneumatic sanders, air polishers will help you accomplish your job on almost any surface. Both tools are easy to use and handle, so you do not feel tired even if you utilise them for hours. A tough job becomes much simpler when you have a reliable piece of equipment to assist you, whether it is an air polisher or sander.

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KC Tools 6" Air Palm Sander - Non Vacuum Type

KC Tools

$195.75 SAVE$145.25
KC Tools 7" Angle Air Polisher

KC Tools

$245.00 SAVE$80.00