Air Ratchets

When you need to loosen or tighten different types of low to medium torque nuts and bolts, we have the solution for you. The air ratchets you can find here on The Grit have been proven to be the best choice when working with specific nuts and bolts. Commonly, you probably reach for your impact wrench, but it will not provide you with good results. An impact wrench can easily damage the bolts because it can over-torque them. Instead of risking snapping off the heads or threads, use the right tool.

Air ratchets are great for people who are used to working with handy ratchet wrenches. However, if you have been complaining about the intensity of these wrenches, you may want to switch to an air ratchet instead. This tool is easy to use where you only have to pull the trigger to activate its motor and the socket drive.

If you are working with standard sockets, you will find that an air ratchet can be used with them. However, be aware that you should never use them with an impact tool. You do not have to worry about damaging or even shattering sockets and bolts with an air ratchet.