Clamps & Vices

Fastening devices, such as clamps and vices, always have a space in everyone’s workshop. They are useful in supporting or securing an object, so you can freely move to complete the task at hand. Although it is possible to hold an item without using these devices, it is hard to secure them in place. Often, an outside force can cause them to move, which may lead to missing the mark, for instance.

There are various types of clamps and vices, and they differ based on their purpose. For instance, metalworkers typically use V blocks to achieve precision, especially when holding and cutting metal. You can also find clamps that are particularly for cabinetmakers.

Some clamps are bigger and can take pieces of iron or timber, which will be fastened together to create a new product. As for vices, they are a mechanical apparatus that work just like a clamp. They hold something in place, so it does not move. The worker can then perform what is needed to be done without worrying about the object moving.

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