Bench Vices

A bench vice is one of the tools you should have because it makes your job much easier. Whether you are welding, cutting with a saw, or gluing items in your workshop, you will find a bench vice incredibly useful. Plus, this tool is relatively inexpensive if you buy it here on The Grit.

Bench vices are a multipurpose tool that suits both professionals and homeowners who love to DIY. The device is like having your second pair of hands. It offers assistance and support when you need to saw, sand, drill, or chop. Fix it to anything solid or flat, such as a workbench and secure it with a clamp or bolt. You can then begin working on a piece after making sure the vice is in a stable position.

We recommend that the surface where you fix the bench vice produces very little movement and vibration. With a bench vice in place, you can stabilise different parts of your workpiece, which then ensures that you have a consistent result. So, if you have been having issues planing or gluing items, our bench vice will keep everything steady and easy to work on.