Power Tools

As the name suggests, power tools are powerful, but they require a direct and specific source of power to operate efficiently. There are numerous types of these power tools, including angle and bench grinders, fans and heaters, circular saws, planers, and generators. You can find all these pieces of equipment here at The Grit.

Most of the tools today are powered by electricity, but they can also use natural sources, including moving water or even wind. Some devices have propellants or those that directly burn fuel to run.

These instruments are commonly found in the toolbox for gardening projects, but often for professional industry work. Of course, homeowners also use them for cooking, cleaning, and other domestic tasks. DIYers typically turn to them for polishing, heating, grinding, and painting, among others.

When you need power tools, you can count on The Grit to provide what you require, so shop now.

GearWrench 6pc 3/8" Drive Impact Driver Set


$72.00 SAVE$0.00
SP Tools 1/2" Drive Dr Mini Stubby Impact Wrench

SP Tools

$229.00 SAVE$116.00
SP Tools 16v 3/8" Drive Mini Impact Wrench

SP Tools

$299.00 SAVE$60.00