Impact Wrenches

Before you purchase a wrench, you should first know your options. You may find yourself choosing between impact and ratchet wrenches. They have some similarities, especially when it comes to their purpose. However, they also have distinct features.

Impact and ratchet wrenches are both useful in tightening and removal of bolts. These tasks are not easy without these wrenches. However, a huge difference is in their output torque. Ratchet wrenches have lesser torque, especially when compared to impact wrenches’ significant torque capabilities.

Ratchet wrenches are also slim in design, which allows you to reach even smaller spaces. Meanwhile, impact wrenches look like a cordless drill, except that they are much broader and thicker. Although ratchets have comparatively less torque than impact wrenches, they offer good accuracy. It may be difficult to control an impact wrench if you are a beginner because of its output torque.

If you are concerned with noise, ratchets are much quieter while impact wrenches will require you to use ear protection. Both of these cordless tools are available here at The Grit. It is up to you to choose the best one for your current or upcoming project.