Hacksaws are the go-to tools for precision cutting of various materials, making them indispensable in workshops and DIY projects. At The Grit, our collection of high-quality hacksaws is designed for efficiency and durability. Whether you're cutting metal pipes, plastic, or other materials, our hacksaws provide the control and precision you need. Choose from our range to experience smooth and accurate cutting, making your projects a cut above the rest. Trust in The Grit for reliable hacksaws that deliver consistent performance for all your cutting tasks.

AOK by KC Tools High Tension 12" Hacksaw


$29.00 SAVE$16.00
Crescent Saw Hacksaw Hi-Tension Comfort Grip


$49.00 SAVE$0.00
KC Tools 300mm Adjustable Profile 3D Hacksaw

KC Tools

$24.65 SAVE$7.95