Calving Equipment

When it is the beginning of the calving season, you know that you should be prepared with all the necessary calving equipment. However, we highly recommend that you have all the tools ready even before the calving season starts. It saves you time and makes your life so much easier. Plus, you can potentially save a calf when you have all the pieces of equipment prepared.

Sometimes, operators do not have enough time because the breeding and calving seasons are shorter than average. Often, you have at least 10 months to get ready. However, you also have other things to do, which may be why you are probably scrambling to get all the essentials into your barn.

But don't worry. We have what you need here on The Grit. Our calving equipment includes castration pliers, OB chains, and OB chain handles. So next time you are expecting calves to arrive, all you need to do is shop on our website to find quality calving equipment.

AgBoss Metal Castration Pliers


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