Livestock Supplies & Equipment

When it is time to buy tools and supplies for your livestock, you should be wary of low-quality products. Instead, go for recognisable brands that have a good reputation. The Grit only sells tools for livestock from the best in the market. AgBoss, Vet-Tec, and Thunderbird are just some of the names you can encounter.

We have hand shears for grooming the animals, hand tally counter for large farms to keep track of the numbers, and scales to know the accurate weight of livestock, including cattle.

Farmers should know the necessary tools that they cannot operate without. Have a shovel ready, rake, wheelbarrow, and digging tools. These items can be used all around the farm for various purposes. You may also need whips depending on the animals that live on your farm. Shearing cutters may be useful as well, particularly if you have goats, sheep, and even cattle.

Some products come with a lifetime guarantee, which gives you the peace of mind that you are buying high-quality items. It is useful, especially for farmers who always forget the tools laying on the property.

Thunderbird 12v Rechargeable Sheep Shears


$469.45 SAVE$104.55
Vet-Tec Flutter Valve Lamb Teat 5 Pack


$22.50 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 35L Munch Trough - Black


$167.00 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 35L Munch Trough - Grey


$195.00 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 35L Munch Trough - Orange


$167.00 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss Hand Tally Counter


$19.00 SAVE$0.00
Karaka 4′ Synthetic Stock Whip


$219.00 SAVE$3.75
Karaka 6' Synthetic Stock Whip


$179.95 SAVE$39.30
Karaka Fall / Rat′s Tail


$14.95 SAVE$0.00
Karaka Whip Replacement Cracker


$13.95 SAVE$0.00
Milk Bar 10 Pack Calf Feeder Teats

Milk Bar

$79.00 SAVE$0.00