Karaka Whips is the leading manufacturer of synthetic stock and bull whips. Ashley and Carol Turner were the people behind this company. They started the business and soon enough more people joined them. Karaka Whips now has a team of dedicated professionals that is always ready to help customers.

Karaka Whips is the preferred brand of farmers for controlling their livestock. The products of the company are also loved by western and rodeo cowboys. You can find their whips featured in movie sets and sports shops. Even performance artists at the circus, as well as clowns, go for Karaka Whips.

The company first started in New Zealand but has now widened its reach to Australia and the US. Karaka Whips offers different types of whips, including cattle drafters, synthetic stock whips, and bull whips. You cannot find anything stronger and more durable than Karaka Whips.

No matter which one you go for, all the products from the company are guaranteed to be low-maintenance and all-weather resistant. They are designed to last for a long time, making them a smart investment for anyone who needs whips for controlling their animals.

The Grit proudly offers a number of products from Karaka Whips. We have carefully chosen the best in their range of stock and bull whips that you will certainly appreciate.

Karaka Whip Replacement Cracker


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