Rain Gauges & Thermometers

When the weather news said that rainfall measurements would be about 100 mm for the day, you may be excitedly waiting. Unfortunately, you find out it did not rain at all. Local weather services have sophisticated tools that a team of professionals monitors to know about weather conditions, including rainfall. However, it does not mean they will cover your area.

If you are a farmer, you will certainly benefit from a rain gauge. You can use the tool to help you become successful, especially since you can better forecast the suitable times for harvesting.

Rain gauges are an instrument that can measure the amount of rainfall a certain site receives in a given period. This way, you will never have to worry about local weather reports that may be inaccurate in your area. You can gather your own data so you can utilise it for managing your crops.

All the rain gauges that you can purchase at The Grit are easy to use. You can install them on your own and you can read the markings. They measure in both inches and millimetres so you can choose the unit of measure you are comfortable with.

A rain gauge may be an extremely simple tool with a basic look in which it is often a transparent cylinder with the measurements. Despite its simplicity, it can provide you with powerful information. Armed with the data it gives, you can make better decisions when farming.

Being a farmer is not about making guesses. You have to know the numbers, including the amount of rainfall your land receives. Even homeowners can benefit from a rain gauge since it can aid in monitoring whether or not the plants are watered adequately. Take a look at our collection of rain gauges below.

RainMaxx 280mm Rain Gauge


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RainMaxx 150mm Rain Gauge


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RainMaxx 90mm Rain Gauge


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