RainMaxx Rain Gauges

When buying rain gauges, the first thing to look for is accuracy. RainMaxx is the leader in providing highly accurate gauges for measuring precipitation in any given area. These tools are simple and easy to understand. RainMaxx produces rain gauges that you can count on, whether you are a weather watcher, farmer, or grazier.

All rain gauges from the brand can survive even the harshest weather condition in Australia. They are virtually unbreakable and formulated to resist the effects of ultraviolet rays. Therefore, even if you leave them under the sun for days, they will not change in colour, unlike other brands. These measuring tools are perfect for different Australian climates.

The measurement can be in millimetres or inches. You can use whichever unit of measure, and you will have no trouble recording the numbers because they are highly visible.

The Grit supplies all three sizes of the RainMaxx rain gauge. You can choose from 90mm, 150mm, and 280mm. These products already come with their own mounting brackets so that you can install them without any help.

RainMaxx 150mm Rain Gauge


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RainMaxx 90mm Rain Gauge


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