Welding & Soldering

When you have to ensure that two metal objects stay put together, you may immediately think about using nuts and bolts. While these fasteners work, some jobs may require you to eliminate their use. The solution is to weld or solder them.

What is the difference between the two? When you weld, you melt the metals first before you bond them together. At the same time, the process also melts the filter metal, which you use to make the bond.

On the other hand, soldering is when you heat the metals first before you bond them. The most significant difference is that you do not have to melt them. Instead, the heated metal will dissolve the solder, which will then flow onto the joint. Then, the solder will harden when it cools.

Whether you need to solder or weld metals, we have the tools you can use. The Grit carries brands from AOK, KC Tools, and Wellers. They have been around for several years now by providing high-quality yet affordable products to Australians. Take a look at our selection of welding and soldering tools, including soldering irons and torches.