Prodders & Shafts

A prodder is a commonly used item in farms to move cattle to the desired area. These animals can be a bit stubborn, and you may need to show a little authority. Prodders are often electric, which makes it easier to guide the cattle in the right direction.

Whips are tools that have been around for decades. It may sound strange, but many animals were once whipped a long time ago, including cats and dogs. The primary purpose was to stop them from doing mischievous acts.

Today, whips have two main purposes. The first is to strike animals to show dominance or control over them. The second is to use them for directional cues, typically for equestrianism. The Grit has both stock and bullwhips, so you can choose the one you are comfortable with.

Drafters work the same way as both prodders and whips. However, they are mostly for steering cattle and other animals towards or away from a certain area. Drafters are best used for separating animals into their enclosures. They make it possible to isolate cattle from calves without any fuss and for organising herds as well.

Check out the best drafters, whips, and prodders below.

Thunderbird 250mm Cattle Prodder Shaft


$47.25 SAVE$0.00
Thunderbird 500mm Cattle Prodder Shaft


$52.00 SAVE$0.00
Thunderbird 500mm Rechargeable Cattle Prodder


$182.00 SAVE$5.10
Thunderbird 750mm Cattle Prodder Shaft


$58.50 SAVE$0.00
Thunderbird 750mm Rechargeable Cattle Prodder


$185.00 SAVE$6.15