A chisel is a cutting tool that has a sharpened edge. You can use it with a mallet or hammer to dress and shape solid materials, such as metal, stone, and wood. It's believed that the first chisels existed around 8000 BC, making them one of the earliest tools known to man. Those chisels were typically made of copper and bronze. Today, however, we have chisels made of steel with varying degrees of size and hardness. To make your purchase less complicated, it's best to buy a chisel set. We offer a 12-piece chisel set here on The Grit, which you can use to cut bolts, nuts, and rivets made of metal.

If you know what you are looking for, such as the standard measurement, you can pick the 10mm chisel that we have here from KC Tools.

Chisels are handheld tools that have evolved since they were introduced. They are underrated but extremely useful no matter what your woodworking project may be.

GearWrench 12pc Punch & Chisel Set


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KC Tools 10mm Industrial Cold Chisel

KC Tools

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