Fueling & Lubrication

When it comes to daily car maintenance, people’s major concern is the amount of gas they have in their cars. But how does gas power the cylinders? With the fuel system of the engine, gas is pumped and mixed with air. This way, the mixture flows seamlessly into the cylinders.

Fuel-injected engines would have fuel infused into the cylinders above the intake valve and sometimes directly into the cylinder itself.

Just like fuel, oil is essential, which makes up the lubrication system of the engine. When the engine is adequately lubricated, every moving part receives the oil needed for the car to move easily.

High-quality fuels and lubricants are the keys for the motor vehicle to operate efficiently without any hitch. The fleet cannot perform without these consumables. In Australia, the consumable fluids should be fit for their purpose, meaning they should deliver the expected performance.

Make sure you have the right tools and equipment when adding fuel or lubrication to your engine. Take a look at our collection of plastic funnels, jerry cans, and grease guns below.