There is a massive list of automotive tools that every car owner, enthusiast, and DIY mechanic need to own. If you have not made up your mind on which tools should be in your collection, we are here to help. Here at The Grit, we have done your search for automotive essentials much more effortless. That way, you can reach out to your toolbox with confidence when you need to work on the vehicle.

With the right tool at hand, you can complete the tasks required without delays and errors. Our automotive tools are chosen and used by real professionals themselves. We pick the best brands that we know you can trust when it comes to efficiency, sturdiness, and affordability. You can make auto repairs, servicing, and modifications without breaking your bank.

Coupled with your skills, our automotive tools will help you solve almost all issues your car might experience. We have the basics from car care and cleaning to other electronics and accessories. If you want extra vehicle parts and tools, we have them here on our website, as well. Buy the tools and hardware you need today.

AgBoss 500ml Mint Grit Hand Cleaner


$19 SAVE$0.00
AR Blue Clean Degreaser Concentrate - 2L

AR Blue Clean

$25.35 SAVE$0.00
Septone 500g Mr Buff Cutting Compound


$32.95 SAVE$0.00
Septone Car Filler | 1kg


$39 SAVE$0.00
Slime 473ml Tube Sealant Inner Goo


$31 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 5 Litre Degreaser Concentrate


$47 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 5L Heavy Duty Truck Wash


$59 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 5L Mint Grit Hand Cleaner


$75 SAVE$0.00
AgBoss 6x 500ml Mint Grit Hand Cleaner


$75 SAVE$0.00
AOK by KC Tools 12pc Tyre TPMS Tool Set


$25 SAVE$0.00