888 Tools

888 Tools offers a series of tools made and owned by SP Tools, especially for DIYers. Since 1973, SP Tools have been around providing reliable and useful tools that last for a long time. Among them are a collection of hand tools for homeowners and professionals. Known as the 888 Tools or 888 Series, it comprises different types of kits that best suit engineering, automotive, industrial, and even scientific industries.

A premium brand that originated in Australia, 888 Tools are now all over the world, conquering Japan, the UK, and the US. You can buy 888 Tools from The Grit. Find spanner sets and socket sets and much more right here.

You can also browse other sets from 888 Tools, such as the curved jaw locking pliers, vise grips and hex key sets. 888 Tools also has a a super popular 3 drawer roller seat that is a must for everyone's workshop.