AOK is a brand owned by KC Tools, which is a trusted name in the automotive and industrial industries. The company has its headquarters in Taiwan but serves and ships to numerous countries, including Australia. AOK is a world-renowned supplier for professional tools. Its products are all over the globe, such as in the USA, Europe, Canada, Mexico, India, and China.

Compared to most of its direct competitors, AOK offers more affordable tools. The company has acquired valuable experience over the years. After all, it has been around since 1979. With four decades of existence in the automotive and industrial markets, AOK has the knowledge required to provide high-quality products.

Some of the AOK professional tools that you can find here at Ambler Direct include the digital type tyre inflator and the air impact wrench. AOK also has other tools, including the 19mm x 21mm Socket Podger Ratchet. This product is used in many industrial sites, such as those that need to erect scaffolding. Other AOK products available include socket sets, ball pein hammers, and car tyre levers.