Anchor is a distinguished brand offering a comprehensive range of premium coatings. The Anchor Premium Colours feature high-quality pigments and binders, ensuring vibrant hues with excellent colour retention. The Anchorbond series, in 300gm and 150gm sizes, provides an easy-to-use acrylic touch-up paint formula for durable and precise touch-ups on various surfaces.

AnchorMax QD Enamel stands out with its fast-drying, high-gloss finish, designed for industrial equipment, machinery, and metal parts. The Anchor Shield range, including Volumetric Epoxy Enamel, excels in premium metal protection, directly applied to steel surfaces without a primer, catering to industrial, marine, mining, and automotive sectors.

From industrial primers to high-temperature-resistant Hi Temp Paints, Anchor prioritises durability and reliability. The Anchor Lacquer range offers premium performance spray paint with a tough coating and a wide selection of colours. The vibrant Anchor Fluorescent Colours add a bold touch to artistic projects with intense, quick-drying hues. Anchor's diverse offerings make it a trusted choice for varied coating needs.

Anchor Shield Silver Gal Spray | 300g


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