Hand Cleaners

Clean hands are healthy hands. Some workers wear gloves, which can make heighten their protection. Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of doing their jobs when wearing gloves. Using a hand cleaner is one of the best ways to ensure safety, not only of the worker but everyone around as well.

Companies should take the necessary steps to make sure their employers wash and clean their hands properly and consistently. Hand-care using reliable products, such as the Australian-made mint grit hand cleaner from AgBoss, is incredibly useful. Plus, clinicians have proven that it is one sure method of maintaining the integrity of the skin, especially against pathogens that cause infections.

The last thing you want is to go home from work carrying infectious materials. Protect yourself and your family by washing your hands with the right product. A mint grit hand cleaner is your best choice when it comes to removing soils, tars, and oil that you may have handled while working. Since it is made from biodegradable and healthy ingredients, you can be sure it is non-toxic.

You can find this product in varying sizes from one litre to five litres only here at The Grit.