Kilsoot Chimney Cleaner

Kilsoot is considered the original chimney cleaner in Australia. Even as many products have emerged in the market, it is still the number one trusted chimney cleaner of many homeowners and businesses. Time has proven its ability to clean chimneys.

Kilsoot has not changed its recipe for more than 60 years now. It is proof that this product truly works. Even experts say that it is the best chimney cleaner that exists on the market today. It is why The Grit is happy and proud to sell Kilsoot to buyers in Australia.

The brand was acquired by AgBoss in 2018. AgBoss believes that the Kilsoot aligns with its philosophy in giving customers the best quality products. The cleaner is useful for those who want efficient cleaning without worrying about fumes, smoke, and smell. Kilsoot not only protects your chimneys but you as well. It is recommended that you use the product once or twice a week.

The easy to use chemical cleaner can keep your chimneys clean and safe. Get the Kilsoot chimney cleaner in a 50-gram or 275-gram tub here at The Grit.

Kilsoot 500ml Glass & Window Cleaner


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Kilsoot 500ml Hand Cleaner with Grit


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Kilsoot Chimney Cleaner 275g


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Kilsoot Chimney Cleaner 50g


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