Cyclone Garden Tools

If you are ever in need of gardening tools, Cyclone is one of the top options you have. Cyclone is designed for Australian gardeners and DIYers. The company started in the early 1890s with William Thompson and Leonard Chambers. Initially, Cyclone was intended for beekeeping supplies in Melbourne.

Cyclone was named Cyclone Fence and Gate Company back in 1898, offering wire fencing. In the 1920s, Cyclone began to manufacture different products. The company also widened its reach, serving not just those in Melbourne but also customers in Perth, Sydney, and Adelaide.

It is easy to see why Cyclone products are popular, especially among farmers. The wire fencing and gates are innovative in their designs and have the durability and strength that people look for. Today, Cyclone offers different tools, including axes, forks, and shovels.

The Grit sells affordable items from Cyclone, including garden tools, pelican picks, kids barrows, and hand shears. Simply locate the product you need to make your farming or gardening job much easier.