When it comes to pest control, you cannot settle for less. You need a name that is trustworthy and has stood the test of time. Talon is a cost-effective brand that provides pest control products in the country. Since Talon is a respected brand in the Australian market, you can already tell you will never go wrong with its products.

Talon is an efficient rodenticide with ant gels in its product range as well. We have them all for you here at The Grit. View our selections of Talon products and choose which one you need to get rid of pests at home or even your commercial building. Talon is highly effective and you can count on its formulation that it will work wonders in an instant.

Many things set Talon products apart. The goal of the company is to make the application and baiting processes easy even for those who have not tried their bait before. Some are in paste form while others are in pellets and wax boards. Another reason why the products work is that they are palatable and remains so even when exposed to worse conditions and environments. You can place them anywhere, including in your storage areas, no matter the temperature.

While some rodenticides in the market can easily be resisted, rodents love the taste of Talon. You only need to feed once and you will surely get rid of those pests successfully.

We have bait pellets for mice and rats, as well as poison, wax blocks, and ant killer gel in syringe form. Whether you want to get rid of ants or rats, our selection of Talon products will help you decide wisely.